The perfect companion for iCal.

Track Your iCal Data

Timeless is a simple intuitive reporting tool that tracks iCal data for you and your team. Any calendars iCal can see, Timeless can see.


  • Create timesheets from iCal data
  • Flexible project reporting
  • Real-time syncing with iCal*
  • Custom pay period date ranges
  • Automatic Billing Calculations
  • Supported currencies are:  $   €   ¥   £
  • iCal Server support - Mac OS X Leopard Server

* Requires both apps to be open and running.

Less Work. More Income.

Because time is one of your most valuable assets, it’s important to know how it’s being spent. Tracking time as-you-go results in more accurate billing and increased earnings. Timeless was created with this in mind - to help people maximize their time in a simple and effective way.

Go Team!

Timeless allows you to follow shared calendars using iCal Server, making it a great solution for your team. Collaborate with tools you already own and use. If your team uses calendars to track time, Timeless gives you exciting new capabilities with zero effort.


  • Intel or PowerPC-based Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • iCal 3.0
  • Internet for updates
1.2 MB download | 30-day Demo
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